Product roundup 19 October

Courtesy of Mark at mHealth Update, some new products that announced in the past few days:

  • Ekahau’s new people locator is a relatively slim wristband and alert system that uses a Wi-Fi, facility-based real time location system (RTLS) to locate residents who wander and has two-way alerting.  A LoJack representative commented on the article–their proprietary SafetyNet system is available for home users and is not GPS based, which can increase reliability.  However, like GPS systems, the bracelet has a chunky sensor which is awkward looking and being plastic, can chafe the thin, sensitive skin of older adults who need the system most.
  • For the princely sum of US$2.99, VisionSync’s iMobile Care app will set up your iPhone or Android device with a first aid/healthcare reference guide, which is customizable with your own information on blood type, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, emergency button (!) and mapping.
  • A GlowCap on the medication bottle may help with compliance–Vitality Inc. announced their cap sensor system that uses the AT&T wireless system.  Not opening the bottle on time generates a message to the base station which blinks first, then plays a jingle (!), then follows up by sending a text message or makes a call to a designated caregiver. There’s also a low/no medication alert that can be directed to a pharmacy for automatic refill.