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3millionlives: Whose idea was it? (Part 2)

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Earlier this month I (editor Steve) raised the question of the provenance of the 3ML campaign. No one has definitively pointed the finger or fessed up - although we have had a number of denials! However, reader Alasdair Morrison of Sandwell's STAY service has pointed me to an attention-getting parallel between 3ML and the Government's policy on obesity (The Public Health Responsibility Deal). He spotted it in a BBC television programme The Men Who Made Us Fat (Episode 3). In both cases it seems that Government has given the reins of policy to the industry's large companies in return for promises of action to achieve a future target that is ill-defined and unassessable. The industry players are given Government blessing but it is clear that Government will be able to claim some of the credit if it succeeds and shift the blame if it does not.

The obesity strategy was driven by no other than...
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