Confusion, consolidation and collapse?

Updated 27 Nov pm

Editor Donna’s post-Thanksgiving observations of the US healthcare technology scene, from financing to EHRs, incorporate all of these:

Confusion: seemingly reigns in–and reins in–financing for early stage health tech companies. While major companies attended, presented and chit-chatted at last week’s Life Sciences Angel Network’s conference in NYC, the chairman of major provider Continuum Health Partners, and a (former, current) investor, stated his reluctance to invest in healthcare delivery tech. Dell Computer and device giant Becton Dickinson are looking to invest, but..but…but….uncertain of tech’s relationships to providers and whether they can truly address ‘inefficiencies in the system.’ No one is certain about healthcare in the next five years (with the Federal ACA under further challenge and perhaps designed to fail under its own jury-rigged weight), how to integrate technology into provider workflow, who’s paying for it (back in FBQ-land again, now with insurers augering in to an iffy ACA-landing) and how to deal with all that regulation already there, much less that to come (see ACA). So what else is new? Investors Interested in Health IT—With Caveats (xConomy)

Consolidation and Collapse: Early entrant electronic health records (EHR) company ImagineMD folded its tent in late September with little notice, not only publicly but also to its (probably few) customers after burning through at least $25 million in financing. As Editor Donna mentions in comments below the article, EHRs normally fall outside our scope. But since 2009, investors in search of quick returns flocked to finance every Tom, Dick and Harry EHR that IT companies could cook up, rather than telehealth, telecare and telemedicine. Why?

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