With just two words, telecare services' responsibilities have changed (UK)

secured by design award

And those two words are… ‘Police Approved’. Supra UK Limited, supplier of the most reliable key safes, has just announced the first ever key safe that has official UK police approval through the Secured by Design scheme. Those two words, Police Approved, change the way that responsible telecare services must think about client safety when recommending the installation of a key safe.

The new model C500 KeySafe is getting its first public exposure at a launch event in Taunton, Somerset today, which will be followed by eight more events around the UK between now and 13 July. (Follow the Read More link below for dates and venues.) The C500 KeySafe has been independently tested to meet the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175  – the same one that front doors, locks and other security devices have to meet – and is stronger, bigger, easier to set up and use and yet costs little more than the previous best selling model. And Supra UK has a generous launch offer for organisations that want to start using the new key safe quickly. More information in the press release. (PDF)

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How not to introduce technology in senior care communities

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One of the US’ largest for-profit senior community companies and one of the earliest to-market telecare systems both received some unwanted negative publicity this week. Senior Lifestyles Corporation, owner/operator of 70 independent and assisted living communities in 15 states, has been adding GE QuietCare to its apartments since early this year.  However, when QuietCare was added to their Lake Park Forest community in Fort Pierce, FL, the residents and families rebelled at the $200 per month additional fee, no opt-outs permitted.  All but one resident signed a protest petition and an ombudsman who works for the Florida Department of Elderly Affairs became involved. One resident’s son reacted with outrage, calling the