Whole System Demonstrator pilot could "significantly change how GPs interact with their patients"

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A Whole System Demonstrator pilot (WSD) pre-publication teaser from Professor Stanton Newman, principal investigator for the WSD, speaking to GP paper Pulse: He said that the results, due to be submitted to the DH in October ahead of publication in November, could ‘significantly change how GPs interact with their patients’ – but [there has to be one] warned it could pose medico-legal challenges because… “It’s going to potentially decrease hospitalisations and admissions, and if effective, it could have an immediate impact on how we deliver services.” Read more: DH keen to press ahead with telehealth, says adviser.

What else has Pulse been feeding GPs on the subject lately? (Free registration may be required)


  1. Trevor Cradduck

    It seems possible that the URL’s attached to the links in the article may have been mixed. The latest, dated Aug 22nd, is the one that suggests that telehealth is potentially dangerous. Tell that to our far flung remote communities in northern Canada where telehealth is their ONLY means of receiving healthcare and they would laugh. This looks more like a turf war being fueled by the College.