iPad healthcare apps not so stealthy (see above)

Stories back to back in FierceMobileHealthcare are clear indicators that ‘native apps’ on the iPad are gaining ground, while hospital CIOs get headaches figuring how to secure various mobile devices doctors are now using. drchrono, an incubated-in-NYC success story (now in California) built its EHR for the iPad and now integrates ‘OnPatient’ patient check-in complete with photo, also on the iPad, and free beyond the practice purchase of the iPad. (Squaring off with Phreesia’s dedicated devices doesn’t seem to faze investors, who ponied up an additional $650,000 to add to its $675,000 in seed financing). From David to Goliath, GE Healthcare’s Centricity EHR Advance Mobile manages to claim it is the first specifically designed for the iPad. From small to large companies, ‘disruptive technology’ is driving down cost, getting simpler and less expensive. drchrono Launches iPad AppGE backs native apps with iPad EMR (FierceMobileHealthcare)