The last mobile bombshell?

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While not unexpected given the length and severity of his health problems, Steve Jobs stepping from the helm of Apple to chairman of the board certainly is a very heavy shoe dropping indeed. You don’t have to be an Apple devotee to appreciate his disruptive transformation of personal computing from the 1980s to today; Ed. Donna, like many others, learned the nuts and bolts of computing on a souped-up Mac IIci (courtesy of her employer at the time, Avis). You cannot argue with the success of the iPad (nor the iPhone or iPod)–and the fact that Jobs revived a half-dead company post-John Sculley (who should have stuck to Pepsi). What do you think will be the future of Apple with the present COO now the hand-picked successor, and will they maintain their stealthy path into healthcare? Steve Jobs Resigns (Wall Street Journal)