Two from Down Under

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Two from Australia:

The StethoCloud stethoscope + smartphone app, originated by a team at the University of Melbourne and winner of the 2012 Microsoft Australia Imagine Cup [TA 18 July], is in further development at Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia to develop protocols for field testing. The primary use for StethoCloud is anticipated to be for pneumonia diagnosis. The low-cost ($20) stethomic attachments (mic) have already been shipped to hospitals in Ghana, Malaysia and Mozambique. StethoCloud promises a low-cost solution to pneumonia diagnoses (GizMag)

Bionic Vision Australia is claiming that it has developed the first Australian ‘bionic eye’. A retinal implant is inserted behind a defective retina and transmits signals to the optic nerve directly to the brain. What has to be developed is connecting image processing from the eye area to the implant. First Australian bionic eye prototype successfully implanted (GizMag)