Tunstall / Just Checking marketing agreement (UK)

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Tunstall UK and Just Checking have announced a partnership whereby Tunstall will be an exclusive marketing partner for the Just Checking system in England and Wales. Just Checking will continue as an independent company and provide the kit and monitoring and do some of their own marketing but Tunstall, by adding the system to their range, will provide a greater market reach. In essence it is an acknowledgement by Tunstall that the Just Checking system can provide a useful ‘first step’ diagnosis of a potential telecare user’s situation, leading to a more effectively tailored permanent installation. (Press Release)
[Disclosure: Just Checking has advertised on Telecare Aware]

Comment: It’s good to note that Tunstall has decided to cooperate with, rather than buy up or compete with, an existing company. Perhaps the Just Checking partnership is a result of the feedback they have been seeking from customers over the past six months. The latter was an exercise that seems to have been prompted by the appointment in October 2010 of Elaine Whittaker, Tunstall UK’s marketing director. If they have been getting honest feedback and intend to change as a result, their competitors should be feeling uneasy. Ed. Steve


  1. Jeremy Linskell

    I agree totally Steve. If this is the indication of a new approach by Tunstall, then it could be a new dawn for telecare in the UK. If this is just a one-off at present, then Tunstall, take note of the community’s reaction to it!!