Thinking out of the 'senior care' box, around the house

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This blog posting from GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell is a ‘think different’. Here she describes using GrandCare in her home, with her young family, as a home minder/interactive bulletin board with a bit of ‘simple PC’ tossed in for the kids. Laura’s point is that supportive technologies for seniors perhaps should be targeted to much younger people. Ed. Donna sees it more as having it around the house as a ‘familiar’, like a phone or answering machine for everyday, and then adaptable to different needs–not only senior support but also for the developmentally disabled, post-stroke rehab and more. Is this universalization plausible (i.e. not tightly targeting the audience) and can the business case be made?  Reader comments! Gen X-ers Show the Way in Aging/Technology Services Related: Ed. Steve on the ‘Tina and Mick’ test.


  1. Thanks Donna! I am really starting to explore this idea…I think this is key! Getting our generations and baby boomers to first accept it. If WE don’t accept it, I am not sure how we could ever expect our aging loved one to be the first adopters!!