Tablet Wars, 2011 edition

The latest on the tablet front:

lifebotslatepreviewLifeBot [TA 23 Nov], a Phoenix AZ emergency telemedicine/life-support systems company, released a preview version of the LifeBot Slate. This modified HP Slate is 1.5 lbs., sized similarly to a iPad and will run its proprietary DREAMS telemedicine system (developed with U.S. Army Materiel Command, Texas A&M, and UTHealth Science Center at Houston) on Windows 7. The fully portable slate has an outward facing camera and a user-facing webcam, and can send high-res images. The DREAMS system transmits live patient physiological data, live play-by-play screen color drawing and annotation, isolated video zoom to hi-res imaging, complete patient triage and medical record ePCR charting from the ER/ED, ambulance, ICU or remote facility to a hospital or more advanced facility. Will this replace or be an adjunct to the touchscreen monitor currently in the ‘super ambulance’?–not clear. Release DREAMS videos.

Related: one heralded ambulance telemedicine deployment has run out of funding: Tucson shuts down ambulance-based telemedicine network (Mobihealthnews)

TechRepublic does a photo summary of what they consider ‘The 10 hottest tablets coming in 2011’. Worth your attention from the ‘obscene number of new tablets coming to market’ are (in reverse order):  the Indian Notion Ink Adam, HTC Flyer, Acer Iconia (dual screens!), T-Mobile G-Slate, Samsung Sliding PC 7 (Windows 7, slideout keyboard), BlackBerry PlayBook, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (keyboard dock serves as extended battery), HP webOS tablet, Motorola Xoom (first with Android Honeycomb and on Verizon 4G LTE), and (drum roll) the Apple iPad 2.0.  One reader asks–whither the Dell Inspiron Duo, a netbook that flips the screen to go tablet? [TA 19 Nov].