A reminder of how far telehealth has come…oh my

This recent news item from Miami shows a telehealth device that is in current use by a large South Florida homecare healthdeviceagency.  According to the United Homecare Services website, it is ‘hospital grade,’ the patient takes all the standard vital signs readings and it sends the data to a nurse at a central monitoring station.  It’s free for its 100+ users, covered by a grant by the Health Foundation of South Florida.  And it works:  the agency has reported a 58% decline in hospitalizations and if hospitalized, the number of days has decreased by 72%. It’s all good. Now you are looking at this picture very hard, trying to make sure this is not a Bose Wave radio….yes, this is what’s been replaced by devices the size of a paperback book on the table, or held in one’s palm.  One, it’s a sign of how far telehealth has come….but two, why oh why was this complicated device chosen?  Dialing in home health, TV 4 Miami

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    These are being used by a non-profit agency operating on a grant. Possibly the equipment was acquired used at low cost, or purchased before more compact (and hopefully MUCH cheaper) equipment was available. Certainly it has been in use long enough to generate useful statistics.

    Then again, the reporter may have chosen to show an older unit as it “looks more technical”!!

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    This, being a Honeywell HomMed device, is state of art for the vendor! True, there are smaller and more user-friendly systems available on the market – but marketing muscle is hard to beat.  [Ed. note (Donna)–Looks like a Sentry model. And there are more bits than the picture in the article shows. Thank you, Sam.]

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