Telecare…now with pizza on demand (UK)

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UK telecare phone and service provider The CarePhone has today launched an innovative addition to its service. Customers can register their favourite pizza information and the zero key on the phone is programmed so that if it is held for 5 seconds it orders that pizza. The CarePhone has set up a deal with a major pizza chain and, using The CarePhone’s GPS tracking system, the pizza company guarantees to deliver to the user wherever they are, with in 45 minutes. If they fail to do so, and if the customer is on The CarePhone’s monthly payment option, they will receive a month’s free subscription. Stephen Westley, head of The CarePhone sales said “We see this as a great addition to our services and will perfect for picnics in the coming summer. Trials have seen 20% of our customers order within the first month.” More details of The CarePhone service here.

[Although the selling point here is related to the GPS function, what other ‘one key press ordering’ products or services might readers like to suggest? Ed. Steve]

UPDATE 3 April: Thanks to Stephen Westley and The CarePhone for their good humour in providing this 1 April item, to Cathy for her straight-faced participation, and Doug for his VAT comment which will, unfortunately will be lost on our US readers who may need to read this to get it. However, the item does raise a couple of points: one, as I noted above, what could be provided through their one-key-press technology, and two, what are the ethics of marketing additional products and services to users? (That’s something the people who fret about telecare ethics never mention!)


  1. Cathy

    I am torn on this one …

    I like the concept of enabling people to order a product quickly and easily, although this does very much reduce the potential for social interaction in the process; on the rare occasion I stop to collect a fish supper I enjoy the banter with the staff and other customers.

    I can only assume that if a client lives in an area where this promise cannot be upheld CarePhone will not activate the option? In principle if I had a CarePhone I would never pay a monthly subscription again – because my nearest big chain pizza place is 20 miles (34 minutes) away – unless they know I am going to order and exactly what I do not believe they can make and pack it in 11 minutes? In practice I wouldn’t want to take it up because I am really not keen on pizza.

    Are there plans to limit the frequency of ordering (ie the client will indicate they only wish to order once a week for example)? I have visions of a pile of cold pizzas and an irate family when there is no money left for essentials. I ask this because service users can get very dependent on ‘pressing the button’ on their Community Alarm.

    CarePhone are to be commended on their approach to trying new ideas and I am sure there will be some to whom this will appeal.

  2. Why stop at pizzas now the idea is catching on. Steve, why not sign up with Greggs to deliver Cornish pasties. After 45 minutes they will arrive cold and hence, VAT free!