Tunstall's CEO says procurement process is 'onerous' and expensive (UK)

Following Minister Paul Burstow’s recent endorsement of Tunstall, Rachel Cooper in The Telegraph gives Gil Baldwin, Tunstall Group’s CEO an easy ride interview and lets him get away with a ‘blame the customer’ spin on the North Yorkshire and York (NYY) telehealth project procurement. In the item he also says that the tender and contracting process needs “shaking up” because it is ‘onerous’ and expensive.

So he’d like the NHS and councils to have more scope to conduct biased procurements? Is this is part of an attempt to influence DH policy to make buying from companies in the 3millionlives (3ML) initiative an endorsed and easy option when the existing Telecare, Telehealth and Telecoaching Framework Agreement expires in August? Ed. Steve

Gil Baldwin’s Tunstall is making sure your online doctor will always have time to see you.

2 thoughts on “Tunstall's CEO says procurement process is 'onerous' and expensive (UK)

  1. [quote]Such challenges, however, have not dented the company’s determination. “I think this genuinely [b]underpins what we’re trying to do, which is rebuild the NHS[/b] to address the needs of population and nation in terms of demographic and chronic conditions. That revolution will start to accelerate as you come over the inertia of bureaucracy,” said Baldwin[/quote]

    Really? Tunstall are rebuilidng the NHS? Even by Tunstall standards that is quite some claim.

  2. Blaming the customer! This is outrageous but expected. We are presently working with several NHS teams who have had the Tunstall experience. After spending a lot of time and effort undoing the damage to the reputation of ‘Telehealth’ left behind by Tunstall, these teams are now enjoying and benefiting from a well managed Telehealth service delivery. It’s not just the odd sceptical clinician which is the biggest barrier but bad product, bad service and false promises.

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