Telecare LIN February 2012 newsletter published (UK)

Categories: Latest News.

In item 1 of this issue Mike Clark picks up on a couple of important matters for the UK’s telecare and telehealth industries. One is that even if the 3millionlives initiative includes the current 1.5-1.7 million telecare users [no one knows what it does include!] doubling that number over 5 years will be a difficult task. The other is that, given the changes in the structure of the NHS that have happened in advance of the forthcoming legislation, where will telecare services find themselves an organisational home?  Includes the usual updates and listings. Download the PDF here.


  1. Sharon Le Corre

    I specifically asked Trevor Single from the TSA whether the proposed 3 million included the estimated 1.5 – 1.7 existing Telecare users, and he said “no” – it was 3 million new users.