Bosch Healthcare sues three companies over patent infringements

The story of Bosch Healthcare suing MedApps, Waldo Networks and Express MD Solutions over alleged infringements of the Health Hero patent portfolio was broken by Neil Versel in mobihealthnews, but the most interesting take so far has been in Geoff Clapp’s blog (amusingly called Title Goes Here). Geoff brings a unique perspective to the story as he was a former COO/CTO for Health Hero and author of several of its patents. He doesn’t take the line you might think he would, so both items make an interesting read. I (editor Steve) have added my thoughts by way of a comment on these items, so I shall not repeat them here. Bosch sues three competitors over Health Buddy patents mobihealthnews; Startups, Patents, and Me Geoff’s blog.

Update:  Ed. Donna has chimed in with comments following Steve’s on Mobihealthnews and on Geoff’s blog.