'Silicon Valley know-it-alls' discussion continues

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Two weeks ago (Sat 23 July) editor Donna flagged up “a must-read for your weekend…Neil [Versel] takes on the hype machine of ‘the Left Coast'”. Well, it sparked off one of the most interesting and absorbing discussions yet on the LinkedIn ‘Wireless Health’ group. Fundamental issues about what is wrong with American healthcare and how, and if, they can be fixed are raised, although it seems to be taken for granted that new technologies are going to be part of the solution. The Group is now open, so anyone (any LinkedIn member?) should be able to read the discussion, but it has become so long that a drink and refreshments are advised if you are starting to read from the beginning. Start with Donna’s take on the original, then follow up with the discussion: Silicon Valley often misses the point of healthcare.


  1. Steve,

    Thanks for pointing out the ensuing discussion this MobiHealthNews article by Neil Versel has inspired in the Wireless Health group on LinkedIn!

    As you point out, the group is open to anyone for viewing, but membership is contingent upon businesslike discourse and adherence to some basic rules for posting. By moderating the group in this way, it has provided real value insofar as connecting the global ecosystem of constituents for the purpose of knowledge sharing and accelerating adoption of wireless health and mHealth, and even telemedicine (the lines overlap, as we know).

    Kudos to you, too, as I believe your work with Telecare Aware is providing similar value towards improving health, globally!


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