Innovating for today's older adult

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Two articles to kickstart your thinking about older adults, and what they want (including healthcare), from two vastly different sources:

Are you innovating for your parents? Dr. Joseph Coughlin of MIT’s AgeLab states the painfully obvious–that as we age we’re not our parents; our parents are not their parents–and while we may be more youthful than the generation before, none of us are high-cycle 20 year olds either. So if it’s painfully obvious, why do so many companies–and healthcare services–not even remotely get this? BigThink. [Much less the young lady passing out smartphone deal flyers at Tesco, but overlooking Ed. Steve!]

The guy factor in assisted living. A light ‘n’ humorous article with an important point–assisted living communities are walking right past a profitable and growing market, men. The sterility of universal design and designing for what’s been the majority–women–make for unappealing environments for the increasing number of men who are living longer, and who benefit considerably from community socialization. Assisted living facilities may be wise to appeal more to men (Washington Post)