Reader's request: Telecare suggestions (UK)

Ann Collins is the Assistive Technology Project Manager for Brandon Trust (website) which provides homes for people with learning disabilities. She has a particular situation to deal with and would appreciate suggestions from readers. She says: “I am working on the reconfiguration of a property and am ideally looking for an integrated telecare solution for the people living there that will also accommodate the specific needs of an individual living in an adjoining self contained flat supported by the same team.

The individual needs an incontinence sensor that can be integrated into a chair. It cannot be placed under a cushion as it will be removed. It would need to be accessible so that the sensor(s) can be removed and cleaned. All wires and transmitters will also need to be hidden or remote as, if visible, they would be damaged. If the individual becomes distressed the first indication of this is that they start to tip over furniture. Is anyone aware of ways that we could use sensors (accelerometers, I assume) that would be able to detect if the furniture is turned over? Any ideas about standalone, integrated solutions or possible suppliers would be very welcome.” Leave suggestions in comments or email Ann.

2 thoughts on “Reader's request: Telecare suggestions (UK)

  1. Not sure what resources are available in the UK, but in Colorado, USA, we would address the client’s behavior as well as the incontinence; they seem to be two different issues. Please see our Smart Homes site, and feel free to contact them for additional insight and ideas.

  2. A deeper assessment is required as I can think of many solutions that are very simple and easy to use which are on the market now at relatively low cost to try and see. I have many cases where I was advised that this or that would never work but some of the this and that did work if it was approached in a different way.

    A good assessment from an AT/OT assessor will provide a solution. Just because an assessment or two assessments have been done by a professional does not mean that the assessors have explored every angle. Also, no disrespect to certain staff out there, but if you are working from what you know you have or can get then you may be doomed to fail. Outside the box and simple is the way to approach.

    One thing I would rarely do is go to a technology company to work out a solution. I will go to several technology companies with a solution and see what they have on offer.

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