Predictions for 2013, #1

crystal-ballThe Gimlet Eye dusts off her Crystal Ball and sees yet another dozen 2013 predictions from HIT experts. Personal health records are ‘it’ for 2013, revived at last, driven by the consumer, collecting data from multitudinous sensors, sending information over exchanges (HIEs, hopefully conquering their interoperability problems), user friendly EHRs (!) reaching critical mass, but being scrutinized for incentive payments [TA 30 Nov] and interoperability, interoperability, interoperability…All big data, genome sequencing and all those goodies, gamified, predictively analyzed and maybe even care coordinated. And whither the doctors? Abandoning their independent practices and swallowed up by hospitals…until they get the vision and use technology to be financially autonomous, which is like having your cake buttered. Information Week Healthcare