'Quantified selves' run amok in Orange County, California

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in the ‘LifeChips’ program (no comment) are all ‘armed with science’ towards personal health tracking with the goal that one day, we’ll be able to see our decades-later doom with the consumption of one cupcake. With icing. Everyone’s favorite health pundit Eric Topol makes an appearance supplying his usual conclusion that doctors=Big Brother, whom the LifeChippers of the future will radically ‘school’ with all the health monitoring pumping into our PHRs and EHRs via our smartphones. Remember that mass adoption is finding just the right app which will gamify our life, correlate all that Big Data and game-change us into the paradigm shift into the new healthcare ecosystem. It’s enough to make The Gimlet Eye long for when California ‘radical’ meant a really long ride on a wave, a kandy-flaked chopped and channeled custom car or the latest aircraft design out of Long Beach–and ‘disruption’ meant an earthquake that buckled the 405. Is health tracking the next big thing? (Orange County Register)