Combating soldier TBI (continued)

gen-iiA first look at and more detail on the US Army Gen II helmet sensor which is being introduced [TA 3 Aug]. It is a data collector of the concussive forces suffered by a soldier during an explosion such as that triggered by an IED. The sensor will record, measure and store linear and rotational accelerations to the helmet, and measure the overpressure generated by an explosion. Data is transferred from the sensor to a PC via USB drive and its battery is good for one year. This is extremely important as soldiers can walk away from these events thinking they are unharmed, when exactly the opposite is true. (This does beg the question of who is downloading this data–the soldier?–and when/how is the data read?) TBI effects can be delayed and cumulative, with the earlier the treatment the better. The data compiled will be used for aiding in and earlier diagnosis of TBI. New Gen II Helmet Sensor will Provide Data to Help Detect Traumatic Brain Injury (PEO Soldier’s Equipment Piece of the Week)