Proteus Biomedical to introduce smartpill into UK in September

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Proteus Biomedical’s Helius ‘sensor-enabled tablets’ can be taken with pills or incorporated directly into medicines by the manufacturers. The sensors are activated by stomach acid and each sensor, the size of a grain of sand, contains a tiny amount of copper and magnesium that creates a voltage used to power the device’s signal. They are to be introduced into the UK in September through the Lloydspharmacy chain. New pill with ingestible microchip monitors you from the inside SmartPlanet item.

Update 30 Jan:  Telecare Aware has been tracking Proteus since 2009 (the infamous ‘tattletale pill’ era).  Ed. Donna notes that the UK version is called Helios but the system in the US is dubbed Raisin (notice of patent award in July ’11).  Our considerable back file is easy to access–just enter ‘Proteus’ in the search area.


  1. eddy levin

    If the acid content is low, will this tablet still work?

    Is it available besides Lloyds for other projects?