HealthyCircles/Boston Life Labs doing something telehealth (US)

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It’s a while since we’ve featured a press release that churns out the techno-babble without actually conveying anything. This one, from HealthyCircles is a good example of what to avoid. Is a pity that Google Translate does not turn things like this into English, we might stand a chance of extracting some meaning. HealthyCircles Offers the Revolutionary Boston Life Labs Wireless Home Monitoring System to Enable Smart Medical Home Solutions.

Boston Life Labs item from TA a year ago.


  1. ppearse

    Your post makes no sense, even less sense then the press release. Nice way of building up SEO rankings by adding links and copy paste text.

  2. Steve Hards, Editor

    @ppearce. At least you recognised that the press release makes little sense.

    If you were a regular reader you would know that as a ‘critical friend’ to the industry we will often comment negatively or positively on the quality of companies’ communications. (See the item on Doro, also posted this morning.) How else will people improve if no one tells them?

    If you knew about SEO, you would know that it is incoming links, not outgoing ones, that improve search rankings. Not only that, there wasn’t a word of text that was copied and pasted other than the title of the release – which is unusual, as we often paste in a snippet of the original to help readers decide if it is worth reading the rest.


  3. ppearse

    If that is the case, would recommend providing specific comments so this and other companies can improve. Your response has not specific comments. I know a lot about SEO and its also about taking others releases that have a high PR, referencing them and adding garble with no specifics.

  4. Steve Hards, Editor

    If the company would like specific comments I will provide them at my consultancy rate. Or they might like to purchase the press release writing advice I published back in 2009… [url][/url] (£30)

    As for ‘high PR’, I’m seeing a PageRank of 0 for the release linked to, whereas the Telecare Aware home page has a PageRank of 5. So who is benefiting from the link? Of course, if it worries you, I could always make it ‘nofollow’.


  5. C

    For the record, I think Steve’s post makes perfect sense. I have been following this story for a while now and found this article to be one of many very insubstantial articles. The SEO accusation confounds me.

    Steve’s thesis: This “churns out the techno-babble without actually conveying anything.”

    How Steve makes his point: linking to an article that actually says nothing about the company’s service or other competing companies in this particular sector. What makes HealthyCircles different from current competition or its predecessors? What are their real plans? What do they ACTUALLY do? How are the truly helpful?