Critical look at Intel's Health Guide

Christine Chang takes a long, hard and critical look at Intel’s Health Guide after its launch on Monday. Her conclusion? “…it will become easier to do what the Health Guide already does, at a lower cost and with less equipment, in the near future. The company’s announcement is an exciting milestone for the telehealth market as it brings increased publicity to an important, but not often recognized, technology. However, Intel’s success in this competitive space remains to be seen.”

Read the whole story: Intel’s Health Guide Puts Telehealth in the Spotlight

1 thought on “Critical look at Intel's Health Guide

  1. While this analysis may turn out to be true, I don’t see much if any supporting evidence. Simply saying that it will become easier to bring this mix of technolgies and on-line content together doesn’t make it so. If it was so easy and obvious to do this then other systems providers would have done it by now.
    Personally I think Intel are showing some initiative by doing something more than giving people a box that sucks up and spits out vital signs from other people’s devices. other people may follow their lead but currently it seems to me that Intel are taking a lead.

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