Anytime, anywhere health

In this item you will find links to two new important (and free) reports published by the Califonia Health Care Foundation. But start with the blog item by one of the authors, which puts them into context.

Start here: Anytime, anywhere health: 2 new reports from CHCF by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

The first of the reports takes a look back at developments in the field and the second, commissioned from Forrester Consulting (their reports are usually too expensive for individuals to purchase) focuses on the state of things in the USA.

CHCF reports here: Right Here Right Now: Ten Telehealth Pioneers Make It Work and Delivering Care Anytime, Anywhere: Telehealth Alters the Medical Ecosystem

I’m flagging up these reports in the Telecare Aware ‘terminology’ category because the definition of ‘telehealth’ is wider than usually applied – in the UK, at least. It is:

The use of telecommunications and information technologies in any area of health care, including medical intervention, prevention, care management, education, administrative tasks, and even health advocacy….It is a broader term than ‘telemedicine.’

That said, it helpfully defines four sub-categories of telehealth:

  • Live videoconferencing
  • Store-and-forward systems
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • E-visits/e-consults

However, for a cautious assessment of the potential for telehealth technologies, read this item by David E Williams of the Health Business Blog who lists ‘some of the mundane problems that have slowed the field down’.