Continua Alliance: will Connecting for Health stay the course?

In an anonymous item worthy of a Telecare Aware Soapbox, Wireless Healthcare, under its new name of theMobileHealthCrowd, questions the chances of the UK’s Connecting for Health continuing to be ‘a player’ in the Continua Alliance and, indeed, on the worldwide stage altogether. Read theMobileHealthCrowd’s item here.

What the article doesn’t mention is that as both Connecting for Health and the Northern Ireland Executive’s European Centre for Connected Health are ‘Promoting’ members of the Alliance, they are spending $35,000 pa each of taxpayers’ money for the privilege, and the NHS Scotland’s Scottish Centre for Telehealth is a ‘Contributing’ member at $5,000 pa. Why?

4 thoughts on “Continua Alliance: will Connecting for Health stay the course?

  1. this can’t be right….

    Are you suggesting that the following payments are being made?

    NHS NI Executive ECfCH = $35,000 pa
    NHS Connecting for Health = $35,000 pa
    NHS Scottish Centre for Telehealth = $5,000 pa

    If true (it can’t be!) one cannot probably even imagine the level of duplication of efforts and lack of communication between teams who should be pulling for the same side…

  2. Yes, that’s what I’m suggesting

    Leaving aside the Scottish Centre, of which I have heard nothing bad, we are talking about an organisation whose ‘innovations’ were innovative a decade ago and another that, given lots of money (£46 million) with which to organise a home health monitoring system for just 5,000 patients has, by all accounts, turned the tendering exercise into a fiasco.

    So you expect them to coordinate when it comes to playing with the big boys in Continua?

  3. European Centre for Connected Health
    The European Centre for Connected Health seems to have disappeared from the latest member list published by Continua. See here.

  4. ECCH

    I don’t think they have disappeared. They are third in the third row of contributing members

    Faisal Khan

    [So they are, Faisal! Well spotted and thanks for the heads-up. Steve]

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