Cisco layoffs affecting their telehealth initiatives?

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The 6,500 layoffs at Cisco–the year’s largest–have been a not-unanticipated event, but the confirmation of how fragile a ‘big gun’ is, in an otherwise fairly healthy sector (see Apple, Google), is still very bad news for the US economy. Most of the press concentrate on competition in their core businesses of routers and switches. ( However Cisco has invested heavily in the telemedicine area with Cisco HealthPresence [TA 25 March 2011 and more] and the Cius 7″ tablet for enterprises, of which there was quite a bit of talk in 2010 [TA 17 August 2010 with Palomino Pomerado Health System]. We are asking our loyal Telecare Aware readers: do you have any ‘intelligence’ or insight into how this will affect Cisco in the health sector? Please post in Comments…and if you would like to post anonymously, simply supply a short name–or email Ed. Donna.