Neil Versel's take on 'Silicon Valley know-it-alls'

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A must-read for your weekend is Neil Versel’s spicy rant over at Mobihealthnews. Neil takes on the hype machine of what Ed. Donna of NYC calls ‘the Left Coast’, including investors in healthcare who puff up their chests and look at eHealth as a ‘pure tech play’, won’t put serious money behind existing eHealth technologies which are already proven to help our oldest and sickest because they just ain’t cool, but must be part of the ‘next big thing’ so they’re invited to the right conferences, parties etc. While Ed. D disagrees with him on Keas–they’ve moved to a less ambitious team/group-based incentive program for health plan payors which seems to be gaining some traction–you have to love his take on RockHealth, which one hoped was doing the right thing for the right reasons [TA 5 Apr] but no…. It’s those drinks parties and buzzy chatter about the ‘quantified self’ [Ed. D’s own rant here] that makes you too sexy for your shirt! (Will Neil get invited to more of these events? One wonders…and your Editors thought we occasionally scribed in acid pen.) The mildest part is the headline; also catch the comments. Silicon Valley often misses the point of healthcare