Bed occupancy monitors: new comparative report (UK)

To help service providers determine the most appropriate device for their clients, T-Cubed and their partners have conducted research on over 15 bed occupancy monitoring devices currently on the market, ranging from standard telecare offerings to systems that employ technologies which do not require a sensor on or in the bed. A 60-page product group comparison report is available free to organisations that subscribe to the Telecare EPG. More info.

2 thoughts on “Bed occupancy monitors: new comparative report (UK)

  1. Although I have only seen the summary report (which is a free download), I am convinced that this is exactly the sort of independent report that practitioners need to ensure that they don’t make costly mistakes in their telecare prescriptions. It also seems to be an ideal way of informing commissioners and providers what’s new on the market.

    Dare I suggest that it’s a sort of AT Which? for health, social care and housing professionals? So why can’t individual reports be purchased rather than using a licence arrangement?

  2. The feedback on all the Telecare EPG Group Comparison Reports has been really positive, perhaps confirming that there is a need for independent opinion as well as accurate descriptions of available products. I would also suggest that greater knowledge of products leads to better prescribing and improved outcomes, all of which will help extend the evidence for telecare’s success.

    I am not yet convinced that the Great British public is yet ready for access to all the information on telecare products that a telecare specialist would want. Issues of interoperability, NGNs, modulation schemes and protocols might be one step too far for vulnerable people trying to find a solution to their own problems – so I can’t see them paying several pounds for access to a report, however much it might save them individually.

    However, what about renaming it the Well-being, Health and Assistive Technology report (or WHAT for short)? 🙂

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