BeatPanic iPhone app

BeatPanic is a small-time iPhone app to help people who have panic attacks to reduce their anxiety and it is getting rave reviews from its users. It’s a pity the publishers do not yet have the resources to produce an Android version or even a decent website. Heads-up thanks to Gary Grainger.

2 thoughts on “BeatPanic iPhone app

  1. Apps like this are great and definitely the way forward for certain parts of society with certain types of non-emergent situations.

    However I do know that the biggest drain on health and social resources comes from the people that don’t have an iPhone, or an Android phone and for some no phone at all. If they did have a phone then they would ring a person. So don’t expect a local authority, PCT or CCG to invest in these just yet.

    If they did have a phone they also wouldn’t have the presence of mind during an anxiety or ‘panic’ attack to start an app up.

    They are lovely ideas that suit a certain market and that is good and may even be felt as cost effective to the individual.

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