New product: HealthGO by eDevice (France)

HealthGO by eDeviceHealthGO Plus eDevice

HealthGO and HealthGO Plus

In an interesting move, the culmination of their somewhat under-the-radar development work in the past few years [TA May 2010 and March 2011], Bordeaux-based eDevice have now launched two versions of a ‘fully configurable’ device to sell to home health monitoring companies on a white label basis, it seems. “The HealthGO monitors are complete and customizable. They come with vital sign monitoring, USB and Bluetooth peripheral interfaces, embedded Blood Pressure monitor (optional on HealthGO+), touch-screen, embedded microphone and speaker, disease management possibilities, capability to display information, messages, weather or heath education tutorials. Both the firmware and the hardware of the HealthGO are customizable by the client. An API is available for in-house development of the client applications and graphical user interface and the casing can be modified to fit client requirements.” Press release for more info.