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Report: eHealth Masterclass – Imperial College

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Frederic Lievens organiser of the annual Med-e-Tel conference, attended the Masterclass yesterday (17 September 2009) and kindly shares his observations with Telecare Aware readers:

Imperial College and University of Edinburgh plan to run these classes twice a year, the next one in Edinburgh.

The class is (for now) definitely aiming at introducing ehealth/telehealth to newcomers or people who have only been involved from the sideline so far, which definitely is a worthwhile aim. Hopefully they will be able to attract more and more health and social care professionals and patient advocates, and not just academics.

So the presentations were quite general in scope and focused on things like terminology, history, specific applications, target groups, mobile devices and a connected world, interoperability. The class started with Claudia Pagliari talking about terminology and her first slide referred to the terminology debate and campaign on Telecare Aware. She did indeed provide some formal definitions and taxonomies.

I fully subscribed to James Barlow’s statement that "the future never quite arrives"...
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