University of Hawaii selects American Telecare for 'connected care'

In another example of how telehealth is being tested in rural US areas, University of Hawaii-Maui Community College is testing American TeleCare’s system to train nurses in better clinical practice and extend outpatient care on this largely rural island.  Project OHANA (‘family’ in Hawaiian) will place these ‘patient stations’ in outpatients’ homes; the stations provide vital signs clinical data through monitoring peripherals, but also integrate features such as audio/video chat for ‘televisits’, medication reminders, guidance on using the peripherals and patient education.  Hawaii is largely rural; 75% of the population lives in the Honolulu metro on Oahu; Maui and the other three islands, other than the touristic centers, are lightly populated.   He mea waiwai loa (a very valuable thing).  Press release