Survey: 'Connected health' could cut healthcare costs by 40 percent

From Healthcare IT News:  MassMEDIC and Cambridge Consultants just released a survey indicating, among respondents who understood the concept of “connected health,” that 75% believed it could cut costs by up to 40%.  Unfortunately another 40% in the survey were not aware of connected health solutions, or could not give examples.  Again we see the long time frame believed for adoption–here 4 to 15 years. Vaishali Kamat, who organized the project for Cambridge Consultants, makes excellent points on the lack of coordination, piecemeal solutions, and limited interoperability as barriers in adoption.

A lot of awareness building is needed here for the end-to-end solutions (that includes–but is not limited to–telecare and telehealth) that the Center for Connected Health advocates.  Surely these will all be major topics at their symposium October 21-22 in Boston.