A more informed experience for Telecare Aware readers

Announcement by Steve Hards, Editor, Telecare Aware

I am pleased to announce that the ability to provide you with context has expanded with the addition of Donna Cusano as Telecare Aware’s North America Editor. Many readers will be familiar with Donna’s comments on Telecare Aware stories and on other related sites. She is a savvy marketing expert in this field and a brief bio can be read here: ‘About Donna Cusano‘.

The aim of Telecare Aware is to help service providers and suppliers around the world keep up to date with what each other are doing by providing a specialised, free news and information service. Since it started in 2005 I have tried to add context to items when appropriate, particularly for the growing international readership. However, I have been conscious for some time that this is much harder for me to do in relation to developments in the United States than those in the UK.

The appointment of Donna will mean a change to the frequency of Telecare Aware posts.

Instead of posting a batch of items once or twice a week, Donna and I will post as and when a relevant story appears. This means that the site may have changed any time that you return. However, people on the email alerts list will continue to receive update alerts on Tuesdays and Fridays, listing items that have been added since the last email. People following by Twitter and RSS feeds will be alerted as soon as there is a new post.

Donna’s first two posts are below.

PS We are looking for some sponsorship support to enable Donna to report from the Connected Health Symposium, Boston, in a few weeks’ time. Contact Steve for information on the benefits of doing so: steve.hards@telecareaware.com or phone +44 (0)20 8144 1643

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  1. Appointment of Donna

    Welcome Donna! I’m looking forward to receiving your views on the different approaches to Telecare and supporting services and technology deployed across two care models! Who is right? Where do we let ourselves down? What works well in the states and could be deployed here in the UK – and vice versa….the list is endless. Do you appreciate your challenge ;-)!!

    Good to have you here!

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