ADSS partnership with Tunstall

The influential Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADSS) and Tunstall have signed a partnership agreement. See press release.

It’s another smart move on Tunstall’s part, but someone needs to ask some serious questions of the ADSS about this agreement. Such as:

  • With which other companies were discussions held?
  • What’s in it for the ADSS?
  • How does the ADSS expect this to affect councils purchasing decisions?
  • When does the ADSS expect to be engaged in litigation from another telecare equipment supplier?

1 thought on “ADSS partnership with Tunstall

  1. And considering Tunstall’s approach to the 21CN how will this affect council’s purchasing decisions, particularly when linking into VOIP telephone systems? Ring up Tunstall’s ‘technical support’ and see what they have to say about their systems and VOIP!!

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