Wireless signals sent and received, simultaneously

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A team of electrical engineering grad students and professors at Stanford University has done what researchers have long thought impossible–an antenna setup that allows wireless signals to be sent and received at the same time. Since wireless networks employ a complicated work-around to allow two-way conversation, what this does is double the speed of communications immediately, including Wi-Fi. What does this mean for eHealth? Perhaps continuous monitoring, adjustment of dosing or stimulation (insulin pump, pacemaker), notification? Your thoughts on this pointer to the future? New wireless tech lets radio devices send and receive simultaneously, doubling efficiency (Popular Science)


  1. I’m always guarded when I read a scientific breakthrough described as ‘actually somewhat huge’ (first paragraph) but well done to the team at Stanford. Before WiFi was invented, computers had to be physically wired together in order to to communicate, and in those days one-way (called half-duplex) was the norm. Then full duplex over-the-wire was developed, so it stands to reason now that WiFi has been widely adopted, that full duplex wireless comms. would emerge. Time will tell whether this team have indeed created something that is “actually somewhat huge” but they do deserve credit for trying!