Proposed NHS changes lashed by Lord Owen

Ex-doctor, international statesman and veteran campaigner for NHS reform Lord David Owen heaps scorn on the UK’s Coallition Government’s plans for an external market driven NHS in a 36-page PDF. (The first part also contains a brief history of the establishment and organisation of the NHS that may interest non-UK readers.)

According to Roy Lilley (who chaired the Telecare Services Association conference last November)…

Look beyond the hospital: a design view

Another Fast Company article from ‘Design’ definitely worth the read. Imbibing deeply from the ‘disruptive decentralization’ well of Christensen, Grossman and Hwang’s Innovator’s Prescription, but with the focus on design versus business process, the architect/designer co-authors analyze health delivery dysfunction, wrapping connected health, outpatient/retail… Read moreLook beyond the hospital: a design view