Fairer ways to share the cost of caring for older people needed

Joseph Rowntree Foundation report published 15 September calls for a national debate on how better to share the cost between the state and private individuals. It argues that the present system is unsustainable because it provides neither a clear-cut set of entitlements according to how much care people need, nor a well-accepted set of rules about how much they should contribute according to ability to pay.

IT accessibility could become a legal requirement

The accessibility of websites, software, digital TV and 3G phones could become a legal requirement across the EU if plans announced today by the European Commission fail to improve accessibility for elderly and disabled people within two years.
By the end of 2005, public procurement rules may also change, to demand that authorities award contracts only to bidders providing accessible services.

Community equipment virtual store relaunched

Following a selection process last December, the RNID, RNIB and Red Cross have taken over as a joint venture, the equipment virtual store pioneered by the Integrating Community Equipment Services (ICES) Team. It is expected that the Consortium will build on the framework and principles laid down by the pilot project and attract new users.