CellTrak's mobile tracking for home care workers

‘Back in the day’ (2005?) telecare and telehealth were thought of as ‘the next big thing’ in home care medical monitoring services.  Yet agencies have been slow to adopt, excepting PERS, some telehealth testing (TA articles: VNSNY, Montefiore/CMO with Bosch Health Buddy) and limited adoption of telecare (e.g. QuietCare, WellAWARE, HealthSense).  Yet these agencies, largely independent and local, are eager to use technology to improve productivity, reporting and communications.  Bridging the tech gap may be CellTrak, the Triple Tree iAward Operational Effectiveness winner at this year’s WLSA Investor’s Meeting [TA, 12 May] for their BlackBerry/web visit management/GPS mapping system. ‘A Day in the Life of a Homecare Agency’ explains how it works, clearly and succinctly, from the user(s) perspective.  An approach to the market more companies should follow.   ‘A Day in the Life’ (PDF)

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    Do you have a Hospice in Texas that uses Celltrak with Allscripts, if so can you please provide that info to me.. thank you. My email is agallucci [round thing] hospicecareflorida [dot] org

    [Anna, your email address can’t be encrypted in these comments to prevent automated harvesting by spambots, which is why I’ve written it out like that instead. However, this is probably not the best site for finding someone who knows the answer to your question. Why not ask the companies concerned? Ed. Steve]

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