'Doc in poc', mental health edition

Mental and behavioral health…not quite the final frontier of telehealth, but nowhere near as hot as CHF or diabetes management. (At last year’s Connected Health Symposium, there was exactly one session on mental health!)  Yet it can be as challenging to manage as any other chronic condition.  Enter mobile apps for mood charting in between therapy sessions, providing an additional tool for psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.  NPR recently interviewed Dr. Margaret Morris, a clinical psychologist and researcher at Intel who has designed an app called ‘Mobile Therapy’ and published her study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.  Also profiled is a ‘mobile mood diary’ developed by Irish researchers for teenagers (who love it), CBT MobilWork (University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie-Mellon) for treatment of severe depression and a University of Pennsylvania app for schizophrenia.  Out of the research model–there’s a company with here-and-now, richer web/mobile mood charting that this editor will be writing about later this month.  NPR article.