Your car as mHealth platform

myford-touchIt’s a platform just like your smartphone… just like your tablet,” according to Paul Mascarenas of Ford Research. Three ways to connect health devices via your car’s onboard computer using Ford’s Sync connectivity: Bluetooth, remote access to cloud and synching with smartphone apps. Medtronic (continuous glucose meter), SDI (AllergyAp) and WellDoc (DiabetesManager) also presented at the Ford event. Ford is also researching heart rate monitors in seats to measure stress while driving. (Clue: In NY metro, it’s off the charts. All day, every day.) Is this historic, as Professor William Kaiser of UCLA stated? Or will telehealth apps make putting on mascara or texting while driving look like child’s play? Autoweek claims it might be 1-2 years out, and their writer imagines it chiding the driver on health food options and tattling on the driver’s health to their insurance company. Brian Dolan of Mobihealthnews enthusiastically drives out to Dearborn for Cars may be mobile health’s next platform Follow on comments also by TA reader John Boden and a good one from Nanakmc on adding a cardiac defibrillator to the kit. [Ed. Donna’s (designer, manufacturer) father would politely harrumph, ‘it’s just another thing that can break.’] More for mHealth gearheads from Autoweek, Ford eyes health and wellness for future Sync capability