Workplace healthcare–telehealth opportunity?

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In 2010, we thought we’d hear more about the ‘at-work clinic’ and the NuPhysicia telemedicine hybrid model [TA 9 Feb]. FoxBusiness’ website gave a glossy but fairly thorough once-over on at-work clinics, highlighting Sprint Nextel, health insurer Highmark and on-site health clinic provider Comprehensive Health Services. While the spin is on the economics, cost savings and EHRs, there’s a distinctly ‘old school’ feeling to this approach. You trundle to the clinic and wait on a doctor or nurse-practitioner for diagnosis an average of 45 minutes (if you’re lucky, you’ll get a call before trundling). If one of their purposes is to direct employees into current wellness and disease management programs, which have a spotty track record of effectiveness, is this worthy or questionable ‘good money after bad’? And where is the integration of telehealth in diagnosis and monitoring? Perhaps eHealth providers should go studies in hand, knocking on the door of CHS and other providers like Walgreens’ Take Care clinics. And if you are concerned about privacy?–check the comments. Pass the anti-anxiety medication, please. The doctor will see you work.