Rounding up…

It’s the end of the month…and year…. (updated 29 Dec)

Stretchy sensors for high-performance clothing: ‘Conformal electronics’ developer MC10 earlier this month announced a joint R&D collaboration with Reebok to develop thin, bendable sensors and chips for use in sports clothing. According to an article in Daily Tech, these would transmit vital signs (e.g. heart rate) to a remote monitor and expected in market is about two years. Reebok release.

Five tips for tech companies working with seniors or providers: The CIO of Ecumen, a major non-profit community and home care provider HQ’d in Minnesota, has advice for tech companies seeking senior (and provider) customers. No WikiLeaks-quality secrets here, just common sense. Changing Aging blog

Top 10 smartphones of 2010: TechRepublic’s Jason Hiner rounds up the ‘elite’ of 2010, which has some surprises such as the BlackBerry Torch (#10) and three HTC entries–the EVO at #2 (no surprise) and its kid brothers the Desire (#5) and Incredible (#8). No surprise that the lead is the iPhone and that Motorola is getting lost in the Android deluge. The 10 elite smartphones of 2010.

CNet looks at mobile health 2010, finds hype and hope: from withdrawal symptoms by college-aged mobile users, texting to raise funds for Haiti relief, to the rise of smartphone health apps, including an iPhone/iPad app that we somehow missed that is really…poopy. Cell phones put health tech in your pocket

Telehealth results in Canadian homecare: A study from the Re-ACT (Remote Access to Home Care Technology) program conducted in North Simcoe Muskoka utilizing Biosign Technologies ‘Healthanywhere’ telehealth remote monitoring and online reporting, administered by We Care Health Services, found that 96% of clients were able to be maintained in their homes, with 92% better able to self-identify problems and symptoms, then taking appropriate action. FierceMobileHealthcare article.

First UK pediatric hospital trials iPads for e-prescribing and medication management: Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust in London is the first to use them. This is part of, as IT director Mark Large describes, an overall upgrade of their creaky IT infrastructure. He’s quite excited about it all, including their new AeroScout asset-tracking system and the ability to integrate telemedicine into practice, including operating theatres. eHealth Insider. Quick summary on FierceMobileHealthcare.