What is eHealth? (Welsh animation)

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Produced for the Wales NHS Informatics Service, this 6½ minute animated visionary description of eHealth (EHRs, telehealth and education) is receiving a warm welcome. Anything missing, do you think? [Heads-up thanks to Peter Range, Managing Director, Alere Connected Health]

And just a little reminder that not everything in the eHealth garden is rosy: Troubled eHealth program needs healing. CNews, Canada.

[Editor Donna note:  eHealth Ontario in this article is concerned with the province’s EMRs system called Clinical Connect, an online portal to different systems.  But e-prescribing and electronic exchange of lab results are spotty at best.  In other words, you can give all the doctors and hospitals EMRs, but if you don’t have some level of interoperability, you have expensive electronic filing cabinets.]