Tunstall to acquire American Medical Alert Corp (AMAC)

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COMMENT BY DONNA: Note that there are two contingencies for what is stated as a quick closing by end of year: a sale of Tunstall and the sale of AMAC’s interest in the Lifecomm joint venture (which has been slow in getting out of the gate). Both of which raise questions as to Tunstall’s future and that of the relationship with Lifecomm….

What is also notable about the purchase of AMAC is not the mature PERS business, but their sizable position in high-value medical call center services (for hospitals, doctors and pharma trials). AMAC also is a distributor of Bosch Health Buddy and Intel Health Guide (now Care Innovations Guide), so will these relationships be picked up by Tunstall?* The purchase price is estimated at $82.25 million ($8.55 x 9.62 million shares), a relatively small premium above its market cap.

Finally, anyone want to bet on whether the headquarters will be moving from Oceanside (Long Island) NY and Long Island City, NY to Silicon Valley (San Jose)? I”ll take your wagers!

* [Tunstall has had previous experience as a reseller in the UK, but has preferred to push the RTX hub it acquired from Denmark for £168,000,000 in 2008. Steve]


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    Interesting to see the description of the contingent payment referring also to: “… prior sale of Tunstall under certain conditions.” Should one assume that Tunstall are also about to be acquired?