Tunstall changes its name

http://www.tunstall.co.uk/ (The UK ‘home’ site)

http://www.tunstallresponse.com/ (UK homesite on a different domain)

http://www.tunstallhealth.com/ (Another clone of the UK site)

http://www.tunstallamerica.com/ (US site)

http://www.tunstallap.com/ (Australasia site)

http://www.tunstall.nl/ (Tunstall Netherlands)

http://www.tunstall.it/ (Tunstall Italy – Curiously, made with cheap webhosting site builder software)

http://www.tunstall.de/ (Tunstall Germany)

http://www.tunstall.fr/ (redirects to http://www.biotel.com/ – Biotel is part of the Tunstall Group)

and so on, with other country-specific domains, no doubt. Then there is:

http://www.tunstalltown.com/ (‘Tunstall Town’ site)


http://www.alzheimers-support.com/ (Tunstall’s dementia site)

For a company with an international presence it makes a lot of sense to have localised websites if they reflect the cultures, language use and terminology/spelling variants of their intended audiences. Having more sites may also increase the liklihood of squeezing competitors out of search engine results listings.

In view of Tunstall’s decision to push ‘telehealthcare’ terminology in its marketing, it is interesting to note that its domain names do not yet seem to reflect that. However, one ‘telehealthcare’ site domain name Tunstall doesn’t have is http://www.tele-healthcare.org/ which decscribes the excellent work of the UM Healthcare Trust which is working to bring healthcare via telehealth initiatives to rural and disaster hit communities in Pakistan.

And another is: http://www.telehealthcare.com/ which is just a site with automated advertising content – don’t bother to visit it!

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