Tunstall: Buddy, can you spare a dollar?

In a week when Tunstall has two ‘look how well we are doing’ press releases running all over the internet (here and here), it is rather disconcerting to see that they are also asking for $1 donations to support their blog which, incidentally, is hosted for free by Google. (See top right. Screenshot here, in case they remove the donations button.) To be fair, the link actually goes to the PayPal account of a Daniel Fluture who may be a blog administrator running his own little enterprise on the side, or there is the unlikely possibility that that the site has been hacked.

Whatever the reason, as Tunstall is a pivotal company in the UK telecare market (according to some people it is running the UK Government’s telehealth policy through its influence on the Department of Health and Minister Paul Burstow and is the prime mover behind the 3 Million Lives initiative), it is worrying that its marketing department does not have a grip on its own little blog.

2 thoughts on “Tunstall: Buddy, can you spare a dollar?

  1. ‘Donate’ is now gone…now there is a box on the blog that reads in Rumanian:
    Ponturi pariuri
    Biletul zilei de pariuri sportive. Transmisiune Live, rezultate, fotbal.
    betting tips
    Translation; Day ticket sports betting. Live Streaming, results, football.

    It’s been hacked. 😮

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