Tunstall acquiring STT Condigi (UK/Sweden)

Tunstall has announced that it is close to finalising the acquisition of Sweden-based telecare company STT Condigi which has a strong presence in many of the Nordic countries. The two companies say the acquisition is prompted by synergies between their strengths. The STT Condigi CEO Kristoffer Axelsson will continue to lead the combined Nordic business. Tunstall press release.

1 thought on “Tunstall acquiring STT Condigi (UK/Sweden)

  1. When a company like Tunstall stops its R&D activities then it is going to have to rely on acquisitions to try to stay up with the pack – which is why they bought RTX from Denmark to give them a telehealth monitor that they could call their own. Condigi is one of several Scandinavian telecare equipment providers whose products are now superior to those of UK suppliers, and who have devices that are ready for internet protocol. I wonder if Tunstall have chosen the best one, or is it the only one that they can afford given the high level of debt that they have to service.

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